Monday, August 04, 2008

RVC appears in iTunes U tutorial video

The Rock Valley College name can be seen in a recent promo video for iTunes University. The video tutorial is featured in an e-mail newsletter sent out by Apple to approximately 10 million people world-wide. This is great exposure for RVC and for our affiliation with iTunes U!

To view the tutorial, follow this link:

Last month RVC received 68,000 viewers to the 325 podcasts posted on the iTunes U site! RVC currently has 23 faculty involved in podcasting.

Chuck Konkol

Professor of CIS/BUS

Administrator of iTunesU


Anonymous Matt Clegg said...


I just found your podcast series on iTunesU. I presume its not running now?

You seem to go into great lengths about an include statment that could be something simpler like;

if ($_POST['pagename']){
include ("home.php");

Isn't that much better / dynamic?

You could even put an if_file_exists if your worried about wrong variables being passed.

Happy coding,


8:43 AM  

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